Actually, here's what we know: A real-estate writer for the New York Post reported that Justin Timberlake bought a ridiculously massive estate in Greenwich for $18.7 million. Then some dude connected to the property came out and said that was false.

Of course, celebrities hide behind shell corporations all the time. So if some sort of LLC ends up buying the house, it could just be Timberlake playing hide-and-seek with the press—or it could just be that a nobody rich person with an LLC.

But why would an ice-hot pop star wanna live there, anyway? Well, let's start with the A-list neighbors...

...who include, or have included, Katherine Heigl (New Canaan), Mel Gibson (Greenwich), John Mayer (Fairfield), 50 Cent (Farmington), Justin Long (Fairfield), and Meryl Streep (Greenwich).

Also, fact: Stars prefer $5 million houses to $1 million houses, and $10 million houses to $5 million houses.

Rob Giuffria, of Prudential Premier Homes in Farmington, says there are a lot of those fancy houses in his parts. "Greenwich has over 200 homes available for over $5 million right now," Giuffria tells me. "There is no better place on the East Coast to live than Greenwich. The only one that even comes close is the Hamptons. But with Greenwich, you can be in New York by car in about 45 minutes."

If you still don't see the appeal, well, then don't read what I have to say about Jersey. Stars also really like New Jersey.

Britney Spears owns a house in Alpine, along with Diddy, Jay-Z and Chris Rock. And reports swirled last month that the Jonas Brothers were sniffing around there too, in the neighborhood of about $10 million. (The brothers grew up in Jersey and call it home.) Why Jersey? Largely for the same reasons they like Connecticut: proximity and all this.

As for the stars who live in Los Angeles, well, of course they do. It's all about proximity—to me.

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