Rob Giuffria, GMS |Prudential Premier Homes | Farmington, CT| October 28, 2012

What is the possibility of Connecticut residents having power restored in a timely manner after the effects of Frankenstorm exit our state? We all remember last year as Jeff Butler, CL&P’s former COO, promised power restoration timeline projections that were continuously missed. Will this time be different? Let’s hope so…

Listed below are just a few of the CL&P/NU Utility executives that will lead the effort to restore power to Connecticut residents. As a former military officer who was taught to lead from the front, I have a challenge for these fine leaders who hold the keys to our lights and internet connections. Until 100% of Connecticut residents (CL&P serviced) have power restored, these homes should remain dark.  And no, they and their families cannot stay in hotels, while the rest of us wait in the dark. Sounds like a fair deal? I think so…

NU/CL&P Execs


Home Address



James A Muntz

Pres and COO

126 Waterside Ln

West Hartford


Leon J Olivier

COO and EVP (NU)

111 Shore Rd

Old Lyme


Kenneth B Bowes

VP - Energy Delivery

111 Chippenwood Ln



William J Quinlan

SVP - Emergency Prep

4 Ash Creek Rd



If you agree, insist that these leaders lead from the front and commit to being the last four homes to have power restored by emailing Mr. Kenneth Bowes  at or anyone you may know in the media and ask why they have yet to accept this challenge.  Got power? I think we just might…