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Moving In … Burlington

August 09, 2010 | By LORETTA WALDMAN, Special to The Courant

Finding the right house can be a challenge, even for a family accustomed to moving a lot. Take John Rugel and his wife, Melissa Romeo, a 40-something couple in the insurance business who were being transferred from Houston, Texas, to Connecticut.

First came the sticker shock, said Rugel, an executive with Met Life. Comparable homes in Connecticut cost roughly double what they would in Texas, he said. Then there was the question of where to live. With a second baby on the way, the couple wanted a quiet community but not so quiet that getting to work and shopping would be inconvenient.

After looking at 35 to 40 homes in close to a dozen towns, Rugel and Romeo, a home-based risk assessment specialist, found a property that fit. The 3,332-square-foot colonial perched on a hill has an expansive view of the Farmington Valley and a basement, which their house in Texas lacked. The master bedroom is a spacious at 20 feet by 26 feet and has two walk-in closets, a fireplace and room enough for a couch and television. The children's rooms also are bigger, and the house, built in 2002, has an office and basement play-area, both of which topped the couple's list of must-haves, Rugel said. It also has a sunroom with "a ton" of windows.

The couple closed on July 1, paying $473,000, $16,900 less than the asking price and nearly $27,000 less than the price at which it originally was listed. Settled in now for over a month, Rugel said they are happy with their choice.

"A lot of people with kids are starting to say hello," he said. "The cool mornings are great. When I'm out walking the dog, I can see the sun coming up over the mountain on the other side of the valley. We absolutely love it."

Rob Giuffria, a Broker and relocation specialist with Prudential Premier Homes, Farmington, CT, helped ease their transition with his patience and special services, Rugel said. Finding the right house took four or five house-hunting junkets to far-flung towns that included Middletown, Bristol and Marlborough. To accommodate Romeo — seven months pregnant and unable to fly — Giuffria took videos of each house they visited and sent them to her on YouTube.

The move was Rugel's sixth in 15 years, most of which were not as smooth.

"This experience was such a pleasant surprise for me," he said. "It really helped ease things for us."

— Loretta Waldman, Special to The Courant



Population (2009): 9,073

Median single-family home price (Jan.-May 2010): $300,000

Single-family home sales (2007): 129

Less than $100,000: 1

$100,000-$199,000: 14

$200,000-$299,000: 29

$300,000-$399,000: 39

$400,000 or more: 46

New housing permits:

2008: 21

2007: 11

2006: 28

2005: 23


2003: 54

Housing stock: 3,246 units, 95 percent single-family

Owner-occupied: 93 percent

Housing stock built pre-1950: 9 percent

SOURCES: Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development; Connecticut Economic Resources Center; The Warren Group

#1 Prudential Realtor in Farmington, CT | Rob Giuffria, GMS|CTROB

by Rob Giuffria, GMS


Following the closing of our house at 25 Strawfield Rd in Farmington, I wanted to write this note of appreciation and recommendation.

The sale of our house was a critical aspect of our relocation to Texas.  Helping us navigate through our relocation package and maximize our benefits was a top priority.  Despite a low demand in our price range in Farmington, we were able to get a contract within 60 days. 

Throughout the process, I never doubted your ability to close, and in the end, you found the buyer and got it done.  From contract signing to closing day, everything was smooth.  Your knowledge and foresight were critical throughout the process.  I would highly recommend your services to anybody considering selling or buying in the Farmington Valley or anywhere in Connecticut.

Please feel free to share this note with potential clients and don’t hesitate to list me as a reference should the need arise.

Please do stay in touch.

Best regards,

Martin Balleux
Flower Mound, TX


Please feel free to use me a reference related to your superior work.

My wife Cidalia and I felt secure in engaging your services right from the first meeting; other agents were friendly and knowledgeable, but none demonstrated the focused approach and drive that you displayed.  We weren't looking for a sympathetic ear, we were looking for someone who would "drive" the sale of our home while we relocated 500 miles away.  We got what we contracted for!

Not only did our house sell in 6 days for above the list price, but your management of the offers, brokers, and logistics, allowed us to concentrate on establishing ourselves in Pittsburgh.   And this was all done in the middle of the double dip 2009 recession.

Your strategies for negotiating, who to leave out of the negotiations, who to seek best and finals from, and which agents are holding back potential gain, were executed to perfection.

I would recommend you highly, and will seek your advice should I need to move from Pittsburgh in the future.


David Chzaszcz
Senior Program Director, Global IT
Mylan, Inc.
1500 Corporate Drive
Canonsburg, PA  15317

Direct: 724.514.1444
Mobile: 412.584.

"Letter of Recommendation From: Steven Rogers [mailto:Steven.Rogers@hsc.utah Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 3:33 PM To: Subject: RE: CCMC Relocation Dean, Thank you for recommending Rob Giuffria to help with our relocation. His service and dedication to ensuring we have a smooth transition to CT has been outstanding. We were visiting this past weekend and thanks to Rob’s diligence and amazing negotiating skills we were able to secure a contract for a great home in Glastonbury! It’s perfect and we are very excited. We couldn’t have done it with just any agent/broker. We are looking forward to completing our move with Rob’s expert and reliable assistance. I hope all is well at CCMC! Thanks again, Steve Steven Rogers, MD Fellow, Pediatric Emergency Medicine University of Utah School of Medicine Primary Children's Medical Center Office: 801 Mobile:"
Dr. Steve Rogers Mon May 5, 2008

"July 19 - To whom it may concern: Rob Giuffria served as our realtor during our recent relocation from Florida and did a fantastic job. Despite the fact that we had only a limited time to look for a house Rob was able to utilize the internet and the one weekend we had in CT. to: 1. Show us a large number of houses in a short time frame. 2. Help us zero in on the particular neighborhood we wanted to focus on. 3. Narrow down our search to a few houses. 4 Determine what an appropriate price point for the various houses. (important for people who are relocating and don’t know the local market) 5. Help us conclude a deal on a house that met our needs. I think Rob is uniquely equipped to address the needs of the relocating client. He and his company would be assets to your organization in terms of helping to recruit potential new physicians and other providers and enabling to find homes once they decide to come. Thank you very much. Sincerely yours, Kenneth A. Merkatz, M.D., F.A.C.C."

{An email to a prospective listing client.}

"This is my fifth home and I've worked with a different realtor each time. Quite simply, Rob is a superstar, far and away the best I've retained. He knows his craft and he's absolutely dogged -- one example of many, he actually brought potential buyers into the home of folks who had wanted to make an offer on my house but were having trouble getting theirs sold through their own realtor. Rob has also been extremely diligent and helpful with all the details, like getting repair folks in and out of the house, etc., that other realtors wouldn't do or would do badly. I credit entirely his tenacity with getting my house under contract in this very difficult market. I generally do not give endorsements, but I have no hesitation in recommending Rob to you. Good luck and feel free to call me tonight if you have additional questions. David."
David, Attorney in West Hartford 

August 22


Dear Rob:


Hope all is well with you. I wanted to take a few minutes to send a quick note of appreciation to you and summarize why I was so pleased with your representation of Stacy I in the sale of our house.


As you know, we had listed our house with a major regional firm here in West Hartford for over 5 months. Despite numerous showings and supposedly terrific feedback on what a great home we had, we were unable to get the house sold. When I came to you to discuss our situation, we were worn down by the countless showings (we have a two and four year old) and the disruption to our lives. With your guidance on selling process and how to position the house for sale (including the terrific staging report you had prepared for us), we had a bid in the first week of your listing agreement and we closed the sale exactly 30 days after your representation began. I fully believe that your analytic approach to real estate is substantially different from all of the other agents I interviewed to sell our house. I am 100% confident this was the major factor for why we had such a successful outcome in what was an otherwise very difficult market. Please know that both Stacy and I will forever be grateful for your work in helping us move on with our lives and enjoy our wonderful new home.


Please feel free to share this note on with potential clients and don’t hesitate to offer me up as a reference should the need arise.


Hope the summer is going well and please do stay in touch.

Best regards,


Lenny Mazlish

17 Chestnut Hill

West Hartford, CT 06107

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